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Within a few minutes, the bartender brings you another and says it’s courtesy of the very same man, who’s now sitting at the other end of the bar.

You make eye contact, he nods his head, and you smile with gratitude and invitation.

and you two just acted out one of your sexy role-play fantasies of playing comfort woman to a traveling businessman.

Role-playing, or acting out scenarios outside of your normal sexual activity, is an exciting way for couples to keep their sex lives spicy, and it isn’t as difficult as you might think.

She writes about gender, race, politics, mental health and sexuality at Feminista

Just so people know ahead of time when you read the website, I'm not likely going to rp with anyone new anymore.

“My ex-girlfriend was heavily into role playing, which I loved for a while.

You notice him glance around a bit; you avert your eyes and sip your drink.

She suggests that couples “start with something simple that gets done in your home, in a familiar setting, and doesn’t take a lot of imagination.

You can see if it’s something that excites you and then build on it.” Her role-play of choice is reenacting interrogation scenes, where her lover ties her up (!

In the bedroom, it feels wonderful to let somebody else take the lead and be submissive in a way I never am.

The energy changes and you can experience several different pleasures with the same person.

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I can do things that I’d probably be a little uneasy about if I weren’t pretending.” She also recommends keeping an open mind. You never know what you’ll enjoy.” One downside to role-playing is, you can get so caught up in the fantasy play that you lose sight of your partner’s reality.

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