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Validating a bankers draft

Once you are signed up, you can start using Bill Payer right away.

When you access the Bill Payer screen after your application has been processed, you will be able to use the Pay Someone New field to add your billers.

Check your browser preferences to ensure that Java Script is enabled as a language. A temporary processing cookie is required to allow Online Banking to assign a session ID number each time you log in.

This number is verified each time you send or receive information from the Online Banking host processor.

If the transfer is a recurring payment to a loan, the payment will end when the loan is paid off. If you have entered your email address and message on the Add or Change Scheduled Transfer page, you will receive an email notification.

Online Banking supports exports to Open Financial Exchange (OFX), Quicken (QFX), and Excel (CSV). After you initiate a transfer, you will be presented with a confirmation to view and approve the transaction.

Without accepting this ID number, you can not log on to Online Banking.

These forms are available under the My Profile section in Account Manager.

The Update My Information and User Options allows you to: Interest rates appear on the Account Detail page.

Select the account name from the My Accounts section then select See Account Details.

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