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(A ruling by Suffolk Superior Court Walter Steele let Bar-Jonah move to Great Falls in the first place.) That process led to an 83-page report by Cascade County Attorney Brant Light detailing his theory of how the former fast-food worker disposed of the remains of a 10-year-old Great Falls boy named Zachary Ramsay.

Ramsay disappeared nearly five years ago on his way to school, and Light said he believes Ramsay was butchered by Bar-Jonah and his remains served unwittingly to neighbors in burgers and stews over a period of weeks. Authorities are investigating Bar-Jonah's travels over two decades and are culling his 25-year string of convictions for child molestation, seeking clues on other victims in what has become a national search.

After sifting through 2 tons of dirt, they eventually found 21 bone fragments of a yet-to-be identified boy estimated to be between ages 8 and 13, according to the affidavit.

A torn piece of Bar-Jonah's stationery was allegedly among the bones.

Eventually they grew so large that Comer asked Bar-Jonah to tell patrons not to park in his lot because they were blocking Comer's customers.

Bar-Jonah refused and tensions grew until Bar-Jonah, who weighs 280 pounds, shoved Comer, nearly knocking him over.

"This has really shaken people to their core," said Great Falls Police Chief Robert G. "It is going to take a long time for things to return to normal." Normal in this city on the Montana plains means a sharply defined sense of right and wrong, and mistrust of authority. It means nobody has a problem with the Ten Commandments chiseled into a stone slab in front of the courthouse. Not a single member of the Great Falls police force had even dealt with a child abduction case that wasn't resolved -- happily -- that same day, Jones said.

Eight of the boys are known to be Bar-Jonah's victims dating back to his early adulthood in Massachusetts.

The grisly revelations about Bar-Jonah's alleged abuse of boys and their remains have sickened many in this city of 60,000 at the edge of the Rockies.

As townspeople watch prosecutors and investigators piece together a sordid and bloody trail, they fear their former neighbor and acquaintance may end up ranking alongside the nation's most depraved and prolific serial killers, such as John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer.

The bones did not belong to Ramsay, according to a DNA analysis.

The FBI is working to match them to missing children across the country, authorities say.

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"I started carrying a Scottish shillelagh around with me after that," Comer said.

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