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This imagery taken by Ruben is a quintessential moment for anyone who has faced a trauma.This is a reminder that atonement is all around us and can be delivered even when we are not searching.Here individuals play in water from sprinklers to fire hydrants and by doing so slow down for just a moment and become carefree.n Natal San-Miguel’s images people smile, leap and frolic in the water to cool down and to have enjoyment.

This is not the “Sex and The City” Manhattan that most people clamor and aim for.

Some of the intact projectiles are so delicate that their only practical use would have been for hunting on the water, said Jon Erlandson, professor of anthropology and director of the Museum of Natural and Cultural History at the University of Oregon.

He has been conducting research on the islands for more than 30 years.

Like the photos in Helen Levitt’s 1965 iconic photobook, “A Way of Seeing” this portfolio too achieves that rare balance of sentiment without being sentimental, while always maintaining an objective distance.

The casual observer of these photos is almost dazzled by their poetry, and can easily miss the harsher realities of inner city urban life masked by the surface warmth and joy.

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(A quick word about crime and safety in Mexico: Yes, it's extremely dangerous in the cities bordering the United States and a few places elsewhere.

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