Who is paul mcdonald from american idol dating

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Who is paul mcdonald from american idol dating

Reed is clearly over the moon about the adorable and incredibly talented Mc Donald, repeating, "He's the one.

He's the one."Mc Donald opened up about his budding romance with the actress to Us Weekly around the time of his elimination, saying, "[Nikki's] super cool.

I guess we can’t accuse Twilight’s Nikki Reed of pulling the same famewhore stunts as her co-stars and hooking up with the most high profile guys she can find.

Nikki is dating American Idol’s Paul Mc Donald, the guy who looks like a blonde Chris Kattan and who I could have sworn batted for the other team.

Shocking celebrity splits "They will continue to share their love of music, and are still working on their debut album, , releasing in 2014.

They remain best friends and look forward to their continued journey together." The couple met in March 2011, became engaged that June and tied the knotin October.

"As I’m getting older, more people are getting married.

And, my favorite thing ever is watching Paul’s grandma open her gag gift.

She's been real supportive of this whole thing.

She's actually pumped up now because she likes my original material way better than all the stuff I do on the show."Mc Donald confessed that he was not a ' Twi-hard' before meeting his lady love and that he wasn't a fan from afar, admitting that "I don't know too much of her career at all, but the person she is, is super cool." Clearly, Mc Donald dug Reed for all the right reasons.

This is why I’m going to start directing soon, and I produced a few movies this year, and I designed a jewelry line, I got my butt up on stage to sing even though I was terrified of it like every second of the way."What are your tips for staying sane when dealing with a busy schedule? Running and working out and yoga and doing all that stuff is the only time my brain can't think of anything but the exercise at hand, and I like it."What's on your holiday wish list? Between Santa and Paul and my father, someone’s going to make that happen.

"I like to pick out things that I need because I feel like, although I do appreciate just thoughtful gifts without a hint, I also think it's just important to be very specific about the things that I need, so this year one of those things is the Nespresso frother for almond milk. And, I’ve carried the same carryon suitcase for 11 years, and it's time for a new one.

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