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For a few weeks I had a desire to try wearing women’s underwear.So about a week ago me and a nice older woman I know went to start my collection.I know it is time for my daily tug when I feel that bulge grow in my trousers and the urge rise from deep inside. I had been doing some seriously long hours at work 15 hours a day mon to fri and on Saturday morning finished my shift and was driving home a I was so horny. My favourite **** is over the thought of a woman in a see=through dress with her legs and knickers completely visible.I massaged my balls whilst stroking my ****, up and down.Just before my lust took over I stopped for a bit before starting the whole thing again. As the title says, I just can't get enough wanking time in day or night.

I noticed that a couple of the guys around me were openly wanking, so I thought "what the hell" and got my **** out and started rubbing myself as I watched...Love getting naked and getting hard and stroking my hard **** to completion. So i had never wanked in satin boxers before & only wanked wearin 2 cotton boxers one day i thought yeh i wanna **** in my satins so i tried 1st time but almost got caught & also 2nd time eventually at the end of the day i managed to get time so i rubbed it against my boxers got... i started when i was 12, just playing with my ****. I am older, a very young at heart and mind 62 however stopped having sex with my wife years ago (that is another story) day as i was playing, it got so hard it hurt.i continued rubbing and stroking and all of a sudden i got that feeling you get when you ******. I am almost addicted to ****, preferably bi-****, I like to ***** naked, start the videos or stories and slowly start to **** my tiny ****, my other hand...It was such a good feeling I played with my **** making sure...As the title says, I just can't get enough wanking time in day or night.


She said she has always wanted to take a daughter shopping for her first bra and panties so this was her chance. and create a fantasy in my mind that I am being forced to do so for being naughty.

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