Intelliscreen not updating weather dating tawag sa tsina

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Intelliscreen not updating weather

As it is now you have to go into the skins meu, choose a name of a skin, back out, and then preview it. That makes it easier for me to elaborate on the features!

It’s just too long-winded for me, especially considering how well they dealt with the layout page. Calendar Easily one of the best features of the program, calendar displays your appointments on the unlock (I keep wanting to say “today”) screen in a list.

Once you tap on it you’ll see two buttons up top: a preview button on the left, and an apply settings button on the right (note: you don’t need to press apply, the home button does the same thing). With the release of version 1.0 the interface improved by leaps and bounds, and there is now a dynamic and visual representation of your unlock screen. Intelliscreen actually gives you two unlock screens (only one with the basic license).

If the amount of content is more than the window can display, there’s no need to panic (that’d be a bit much, calm down! You can scroll lists just like in any of the native i Phone apps.

Intelliskin A great extra bit of customization are the included skins.

You can choose from nine skins by default and download more via download (you need to know the URL of the skin you’re downloading).

Intelliscreen is a warm, informationy hug that my i Phone gives me whenever it wakes up.

Intelliscreen runs on your unlock screen, but its settings page is reached via the springboard. Layouts and Pages During the beta you simply selected what you wanted to display from drop-down list in settings.

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But on the i Phone you’re stuck with a blank screen that you can slide to unlock.

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