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There’s a particularly dark and sinister side to webcam hacking that’s tied to blackmail and revenge porn.Cassidy Wolf, a former Miss Teen USA winner, was the victim a “sextortion” attempt by 19-year-old Jared James Abrahams, a former classmate.The seedy hacking exploit has found its ways into pop culture, too.In the first season of last year’s summer phenomenon Mr.In another chilling case, a Canadian woman’s webcam was hacked and photos of her sitting with her boyfriend watching Netflix were taken.

In the UK last year, a man was placed on a sex offenders’ register for using the malware to infect around 14 people, spying on them and collecting nude images.

Stealing information and capturing a racy picture of the Facebook CEO would be a gold mine for extortionists, but this could happen to anyone.

The fact that social media blew up pointing out Zuckerberg’s taped up webcam proved that the practice is not as common as it should be.

He then snapped several photos of Wolf undressing in her bedroom.

He emailed these sensitive photos to her, demanding more revealing images and videos from her or he would make the photos public.

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The most common form of delivery is still through malware-loaded emails and attachments, so be extra cautious of suspicious looking emails and just to be sure, buy some masking tape.

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