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Gilbert, who once dated Galecki, explained on her show The Talk that she would often get “depressed” whenever they kissed. She said: “I thought he was super cute and I had a total crush on him. At the time, Gilbert had been dating her co-star Johnny Galecki, but after the couple would make out, Gilbert would always get depressed.Confused, Galecki would take this personally, until she "eventually told him I thought it was about my sexuality and he was super sweet about it." PHOTOS: Out and proud celebs Gilbert then began a relationship with a woman, though she was nowhere near ready to go public with her secret. " Gilbert, who's engaged to Linda Perry, revealed that even now when "I talk about my sexuality on the show or in public I still feel really scared.The couple announced their plans to wed in April this year.

I got to say this now to everybody." While Gilbert agreed that it does get better, she acknowledged that this doesn't mean that it won't take time.Like no one knew at the show for years, and Johnny held the secret the whole time. If you want, I will be there and I will hold your hand.’ It was so sweet, and this story really makes Johnny look good.” She went on to say: “I want people to know there can still be a struggle with it and that’s okay.It’s a process and there can be a part of you that doesn’t want to feel different or feel scared.” Gilbert is currently engaged to 4 Non Blondes singer Linda Perry.“I want people to know there can still be a struggle with it and that’s OK,” she said.Sara Gilbert revealed the struggles she’s experienced with her sexuality over the years during Thursday’s (September 12) episode of “The Talk.” Though she came out publicly as a lesbian in 2010, Gilbert says she first realized it while taping “Roseanne.”While making the show, Gilbert says she dated co-star Johnny Galecki (“Big Bang Theory”) and she often found herself depressed when they would make out.

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I feel like we were such a suppressed culture before him and he made it okay for people to express their sexuality." She adds, "My mom [Barbara Cowan] was very good friends with him.