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They also amaze us with their long and flexible noses, large and flapping ears, and loose, wrinkly skin.

There are many stories about elephants—you’ve probably heard of Horton, Babar, and Dumbo.

The term “pachyderm” is from the Greek word pachydermos, which means "thick skinned," and this term often refers to both elephants and hippopotamuses.

An elephant's skin can be up to 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) thick on some parts of its body.

There is some ongoing debate about how many subspecies may exist, or whether some of these might, in fact, be species in their own right.

Here are a few ways to tell them apart: - African elephants have large ears that are shaped like the continent of Africa, both males and females have visible tusks, their skin is very wrinkly, their back is swayed, and the end of their trunk works as if they have two fingers there to help them pick things up. - Asian elephants have smaller ears, usually only the males have visible tusks, their skin is not as wrinkly as African elephants’, they only have one "finger" at the ends of their trunk, and their back is dome-shaped. As elephants flap their ears on a hot day, the blood flowing through the many blood vessels in the ears is cooled.

The tusks present at birth are milk teeth, which fall out after a year when they are about 2 inches (5 centimeters) long.

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New teeth do not erupt vertically, as in most mammals, but grow in from behind, pushing the old worn-out teeth forward and out, like a production line of teeth moving along the jaw from back to front.

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