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Global dating inc

2017 – Martin Alpert, 86, who worked in the Chicago fastener industry for 50 years, including with XL Screw Corp.

2004 – Gordon Arborak, 68, founder of Pacific Fasteners Inc. He and his wife, Evelyn Arborak, founded Pacific in 1972. He was a board member of the Western Association of Fastener Distributors from 1986 to 1989.

may use the Search feature to find specific companies or other details. near Milan in 1939 and it grew to an international fastener manufacturer with facilities throughout Western Europe and the U. He held bachelors and masters degrees in mechanical engineering. His early IFI work included spearheading a program to help fastener manufacturers achieve OSHA compliance for noise level reductions.

2013 – Mark Asher, 101, had owned Accurate Fastener Company in Columbus, OH. His 40 years in the fastener industry started with Automatic Methods. He started with the IFI in 1950 and was managing director from 1982 to 1984.He held positions of vice president and president of Southern Screw until it closed in 1999.2014 – Christopher George “Chris” Cellary, 59, and his brother, Stephen Cellary, co-owned Ford Fasteners Inc.In 1956 Cameron left Anti-Corrosive with president Jerry Kapner to start Albany Products in Norwalk, CT. and then became a salesman for S&B Fasteners before starting his own company, Always Best Fasteners, in Massillon, OH.She was involved in purchasing and sales, secretarial duties and training those who later rose in the industry. He was a long time member of the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association. 2011 – Jack Edward Carter, 73, founder and owner of Industrial Products Company of Lynchburg, VA. He started in the fastener business in 1978 with ITW Shakeproof.

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