Consolidating district illinois in school

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Consolidating district illinois in school

Quinn has stated that there are 270 school superintendents who make salaries higher than that of the Governor. Governor Sheila Simon in charge of this effort, due to her experience as an educator and concern for the school system.

Parental involvement is much greater for smaller schools than for larger schools.

Many studies have attested to the negative impact of poverty on educational prospects of students.

Many are unaware that this is mitigated in smaller schools; in fact reducing the size of the school is directly tied to improved outcomes for the students whose families are in poverty!

The “cost savings” of larger schools are only apparent if the results are ignored.

If we consider the goal of schools to be improving the lives of students, enabling them to be better citizens, and earning higher incomes (therefore paying higher taxes) then smaller schools are actually much more cost effective than larger schools.

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