Dating a weed dealer

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Dating a weed dealer

“I try to appeal to pretty much anyone that ain’t too sketchy,” he says.For Tony, sketchiness announces itself with “weird-ass messages” or “act[ing] nervous.” He guarantees his own safety by always carrying a gun.“I don’t trust anyone….In the case of Garnett Smith, one of Baltimore’s biggest drug dealers, the DEA finally caught up with him through his Instagram photos of gold bricks, fast cars, and designer gear—for which he had no other source of income.His conspicuous wealth provided evidence of the size of his drug operation.On the street, customers and dealers can read each other face-to-face.

On top of that, it’s an environment with little incentive for dealers to transact honestly. And, if you’re dealing, how do you cultivate a reputable image that buyers can trust?

And this is what scares Tony and others like him—not getting caught in a single deal, but having a small bust roll into charges for a lifetime’s dealing thanks to the records logged in your phone or on the servers at Instagram or Snapchat.

Still, there are indisputable benefits to app-based dealing: safety and greater visibility.

As a precaution, most dealers only use these platforms for advertising and work out the transaction details via Kik, a chatting app; the main difference is not between the various apps but between the two general styles of dealer found on these apps.

There are those like Tony who advertise for face-to-face transactions and others who advertise for online transactions.

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