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It’s a place where you, as a foreigner, are still a novelty.It’s a city that turns finding the woman of your dreams from nearly impossible into a goal that you can achieve within 24 hours.

Her answer: “Just don’t freak out when a woman runs up to you and tells you that she is single. Just smile and enjoy it.​Approach her like you would approach any other girl. Remember, she is not used to talking to foreigners and if you approach her, she feels like Cinderella who just found her second shoe.Okay, it’s the only one I tested…besides Jollibee (Urgh! Feel free to share a better dating venue in the comments below.The La Piscine Restaurant in Palm Village has good food and it has a pool that you can use afterwards.The only question you have to be prepared for is this one: Tell her that you are looking for love.She’ll want to be the one you fall in love with.​This is by far the best dating location in Davao City.

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It should be obvious that Davao is cheaper than Manila, but many people don’t know that, even though it’s bigger, it’s also a lot cheaper than Cebu. Yes, this unknown place in the Philippines might be the last city you ever visit as a single man.​Davao has five big universities. The most popular one is the University of Mindanao.

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