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Donna trains Cleveland for a boxing match against his father, which ends with Cleveland landing a surprise blow that triggers a heart attack in Freight Train.When Donna finds Murray’s teeth in the dishwasher Rallo comes clean, which hurts Murray’s feelings and trust.Cleveland finds out that Donna and the family have been lying to Rallo, telling him the reason Robert can’t come around during the holidays is that he is an FBI agent.When Cleveland fills in as Santa Claus at his office holiday party, he has one too many egg nogs and lets the truth slip about Rallo’s father.

As the terrorists discover Kendra’s body, they hear Cleveland trying to use his radio to call for police and start shooting.It's so dark.' But you can't just want to go to weddings and children's birthday parties. We're just here to witness and believe in both."You have to take breaks. You can't try to keep going and sustain everything all at once. This trip is the most relaxed I've been in like two years. And it's being out here, in a hotel room, solo, laying naked in a bathrobe ordering room service -- it's the most relaxation I've had lately. I purposely moved to Pasadena in Los Angeles to not be so centered in it. I mean, I remember, Seth [Mac Farlane] and I were signing autographs in front of a premiere for a movie, and people were like, "Oh, oh, Seth, Seth, Seth." The staff started telling us to get into the theater because the movie's going to start.That's what I think I've discovered from everything. It's astonishing how you have to take this kind of time. "Getting On" is just the coolest experience ever, and working with people like Laurie Metcalf, that's the joy. I still get very uncomfortable and flushed on the street if somebody recognizes me or stops me. I didn't want to be going to restaurants where you know there's going to be paparazzi. I definitely do like to keep some privacy that way. One guy says, "Alex, Alex, Alex, just one more." I'm like, "I'm sorry. He shows up at the house dressed as Santa and tells Rallo another lie…he hasn’t been around because he is the real Santa, making Rallo’s Christmas a happy one.While performing in a class choir at the Stoolbend Rest Home, Rallo observes one of the residents not paying attention and gets into a verbal battle of wits with him.

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Alex has two brothers, and is married to Jackson Douglas. Alex Borstein left Mad TV because she had conflicts with the producers.