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Status ignored does not require updating

Proper closures and tail-call recursion are supported.

It runs interactively so exploring the language and its libraries is easy.

Upgrading your API version will affect: header (in test or live mode). For webhooks, you can override the version of a single test webhook endpoint in your Dashboard.

In order to safely upgrade your webhooks, Stripe recommends: header as well as the version used to render objects sent to your webhooks.

This work deals with the meta-data analysis of high-resolution orbital imagery that was acquired over the last four decades of Mars.

The objective of this analysis is to provide a starting point for planetary scientists who are interested in examining the martian surface in order to detect changes that are related to not fully understood natural phenomena.

To see what version you’re running and upgrade to the latest, visit your Dashboard.

There is also an incomplete Lua Wiki FAQ; this unofficial FAQ aims to fill in the holes and answer as many questions as possible, in a useful way.

Lua is a modern dynamic language with conventional syntax: .

The definitive book is Programming in Lua by Roberto Ierusalimschy, who is one of the creators of Lua.

(the first edition is available online) If you are coming to Lua from another programming language, then see the list of common gotchas.

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There are very few types; string, number, table, function, thread and userdata.