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I had never seen a woman with red nails in the Commission cafeteria before. “A good CV will get you a foot in the door”, he said, “it’s all presentation”.

The only breath of fresh air in the grey glass, silvery prospect was the outline of the neoclassical “Résidence” palace: lacerated, threadbare, brown. He looked a bit like Elton John, but without the accessories. She had braided her blonde hair, she was wearing numerous silvery bangles and her fingernails were painted red. The gentleman finally got down to the girlie’s concerns.Nor do we often meet these women in our history books.Social stigma belies the importance of prostitution in providing an independent living, and even property ownership, for numerous women in this period.The brothel owned by one Mrs Bond on Lonsdale Street was so quiet that no-one knew it was there until archaeologists dug up her back yard in 1988.The excavators speculated that the site had been a brothel and our work on the artefacts has confirmed it.

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Alicia Bond arrived in Little Lon from Ireland as a widow but with a de facto husband suffering from tuberculosis.