Updating live messenger

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Updating live messenger

Quality over quantity, and only submit an application if you know you can do and finish the project on time.

Make sure you read the User Guide and the FAQ that Google has put up and don’t forget that this is just like submitting an application for a job (there is 4500$USD involved..) so you need to make sure you convince us that you are the best person for the job.

second reason is that we can’t release without proper windows, mac and linux binaries, and for some reason, we never had the time to create those packages, so we ended up with the source package released, no binary packages, and in the end, it’s too late. Unfortunately, Audio/Video support was also dropped, as explained in this previous post. We will be posting news on that blog, so you can start following it and add it to your favorite RSS reader!

When we finally got around to doing this new release today, we decided to skip the 0.98.2 version and go directly to 0.98.3 to avoid any confusion, because *maybe* someone downloaded the 0.98.2 source package at some point when it was available, maybe some distributions noticed the tag in SVN and started to ship that version.. For Linux users, autopackage support was dropped as well, since the autopackage project seemed to be dead and most distributions already supply a MSN anyway. Hi everyone, As some of you will notice, the news on the front page of the a MSN website have slightly changed. We’ve also decided to change the old system of posting news on the website, that system was very old and very hard to use, that’s why we weren’t posting a lot of news to it.

About the EFL frontend, I'm also an enlightenment developer so I will fix it when I'll have enough time. Before coding on a MSN2, you may want to read this forum entry that should explain everything you need to know to contribute on a MSN2.

On the Curses frontend, you can only see your contact list, but you won't be able to chat. I plan on writing a blog post on why it's broken and how we may fix it. We also use codaset to deal with bugs and timelines.

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If you have any change log info you can share with us, we'd love to hear from you!

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