Asian parents against interracial dating

Posted by / 02-Mar-2017 15:41

Again, they may not be knowledgeable about the concept of banking and trusting one's money to strangers or because of past experiences with corrupt financial institutions in their home country.

Either way, Asian gangs exploit these cultural elements to victimize their own community.

As a result, they may fatalistically accept that despite their best efforts, there are too many barriers that prevent them from achieving the "American dream" -- at least through conventional methods.

Nonetheless, the profiling of suspected Asian gang members continues along with severe prosecution of those charged with gang-related activity, which many argue are unjustifiably harsh and discriminatory, even if the alleged crimes do not involve violent felonies.The family may also fear retaliation from the gang if they report the home invasion to the authorities. In fact, a recent study by the Department of Justice found that among all the major racial/ethnic groups, Asian Americans are the least likely to report violent crimes committed against themselves to the police.Further, recent Asian immigrants are more likely to keep their valuables and money hidden somewhere inside their house or business instead of keeping them in a bank.Nonetheless, many in law enforcement are still rather ignorant about Asian youth gangs and the Asian American community.For example, many police stereotypically believe that "all Asians are the same" and that Asian gangs are especially viscous and have absolutely no respect for life.

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