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The versions of Ergopower that either are, or can be made, Ergobrain compatible are identified by having a thumb lever that allows multiple shifts (rather than the later "Escape" type, post model year 2006 in Xenon, Mirage, Veloce, Veloce Infinity and Centaur).Also required is the drilling through the body of the lever at the top left of the right hand lever to accommodate the mode shift buttons of the system, and top right of the left hand lever.The new Centaur 11, Potenza H11 and Chorus, Record and Super Record HO mechanical and HO EPS groupsets have some important differences and specific areas of compatibility that bicycle assemblers and early after-market adopters need to be aware of, which we have not yet had opportunity to transmit to smaller OEMs or CODE dealers / Pro Shops.Remember - incorrect assembly will invalidate any warranty so it is important to seek advice before commencing an assembly with these parts.

Q: Can I mix cassette size "x" with chainrings "y" and rear derailleur "z"?

Campagnolo also specifically advise against the use of third-party "10s compatible" and "11s compatible" chains since these cannot by their very nature, be an accurate match for all systems in the market as all the current producers of 10 & 11s systems have different width and link-shape specifications for their chains.

Shift accuracy and damage to the outer cage plate of the front derailleur are typical problems with use of third party chains.

It is to gain these drillings that the bodies of these mid-range ergolevers need to be changed for the Record / Chorus items.

The internal workings of the Escape type levers (which use bodies EC-CE031 & 032) are very different from earlier versions and there is no cross-compatibility between these Ergopower bodies with the previous types.

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There are occasions when the maximum sprocket size for the RD can be greater than Campagnolo quote or less - this depends on the exact spec of the rear derailleur hanger.

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