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The skulls and larger bones were in a tolerable state of preservation, but, like most mound remains, indicated a low order of intellect, and medium-sized persons. The news of President Lincoln's assassination, April 15, 1865, was received in Manistee by vessel from Chicago. plums, averaging four and a half inches in circumference, the smallest way, and five inches the longest; a Standard Bartlett pear tree eight feet high matured eighty-five pears, weighing one-fourth of a pound each. The amount of lumber annually shipped from here is sixty million feet. The first charter election was held on the 15th'inst., and resulted in the election of the following ticket: Mayor, George W. And though no warrant had yet been issued for his arrest, and notwithstanding the fact that the sheriff, while taking him to jail and for a short time afterwards, expressed a strong belief of his innocence, the telegraph wires heralded the fact all over the land that Manistee had their banker in jail, and on the 17th day of September he was there legally charged with the murder of his late partner.

The balance of the bones of two small-sized persons were found in an advanced stage of decomposition, and some of them had entirely disappeared. " If my feeble efforts shall have this effect to awaken a new interest in the subject and lead to more thorough investigation, and fuller facts, I shall be satisfied. For a Christmas present in 1864, the ladies of Manistee presented each of the soldiers' families with a barrel of flour, and the gift was twice blessed. John Canfield's fruit garden as follows: One plum tree seven feet high, of the Purple Damson variety, had over a bushel of fruit; a single limb ten inches long, having forty-five perfect 4c L- I -t g__________________________ __________________ 28 HISTORY OF MANISTEE COUNTY. The propeller 'Barber' runs from here, tri-weekly, to Milwaukee; besides some twenty sailing crafts, which run to various points on the lake. The matter was taken to Lansing, and the charter granted by the Legislature the first week in March. there was a people's caucus and a Democratic caucus, and on the 13th the Republicans held a caucus. Vanderpool being taken into custody by the sheriff, partly because circumstances at that time seemed to demand it, and partly on the advice of his attorney.

It is situated partly in Bear Lake and partly in Pleasanton Townships. "Next door was the American House, then kept by John Bennett, the only hotel in Manistee. Ellis' barn, and the only news and cigar stand was kept in a small building just opposite Otto Bauman's old stand. red mill was building, the Gifford & Ruddock mill; Taylor & Wing mill (now Salling's), the Wheeler & Hopkin's mill (now Peters'), the Dennett & Dunham mill, and others, were built that year (1867). "The first serious drawback was by the fire of 1869. " Such was the state of affairs on the fourth day of September, 1869.

Bear Lake is a beautiful sheet of water, about two and a half miles long, by one and three-quarers miles wide. "There was once a town by the name of Cleon in the northeast corner of Manistee, but she got married to Wexford, and took her history with her. When the present writer landed at Manistee, now almost exactly nine years ago (July, 1867), almost the whole of Manistee was in the vicinity of Canfield's store. "In the next building, beyond, now occupied as a tenement house, were Bullis' law office, the office of the only newspaper, the judge of probate's office, the justice of the peace's office, insurance office, the office of the assessor of internal revenue, and a harness shop. The population doubled twice between 18, and this prosperity continued almost unabated until the great fire of 1871. And as such they conducted their business in Manistee until they were really gaining a strong hold as business men in their line.

Near the west end of Bear Lake were found traces of the Mound Builders, and in the Spring of 1877, the largest of these mounds was opened by A. In the trench or ditch from which the dirt had been taken around the-larger mound, was a tree about two feet in diameter, and other trees were on and around the mound. It was opened and thoroughly searched, but nothing besides ashes and coal from a wood fire was found. Next was erected the mission house at the mouth near the present lighthouse, which I am informed was a Protestant mission; by whom established, I have not been able to satisfy myself. The first Evangelical Church organized was the Methodist; they began to have worship about 1869. In 1862 they commenced the erection of their meeting * house on the same site still occupied. During the present year the old church has been demolished, as in 1875 the congregation had moved into their new brick building on the south side. The Congregational Church was organized in 1862, July 20, in the old schoolhouse, by Rev. " To accomplish this a Pioneer Society should be organized at once. But a few days previous another meeting had been held in the same place to rejoice over the final victory of the Union armies. There had been a flouring mill here, but it burned down. Two mills were burnt down, and this is the third, built on the same site. But it was rebuilt and put to running in about twenty days, and will cut more lumber this year than it did last. Its capacity is 50,000 in twenty-four hours; cut, last year, 6,000,000. Maxwell, Pundt & Co.'s mill; capacity, 80,000 in twenty-four hours, has run but a short time, and cut about 3,000,000. Wheeler & Hopkins's mill; capacity, 80,000 each twenty-four hours. Leach & Russell's new mill; capacity, 40,000 in twenty-four hours. It was decided to have Manistee incorporated after the general plan of the charter of Bay City, and to include all of Sections 11 and 12 and 1 and 2 lying west of Manistee Lake, and the northeast quarter of Section 13, the line to extend into Manistee Lake fifty rods from the shore. Vanderpool's, none of which resulted in anything, except to ascertain that Vanderpool, early on Wednesday morning, was engaged in cleaning the bank, and this fact directed attention to the condition of the inside of the bank; and those engaged in the investigation determined to examine it carefully; and Wednesday afternoon, in the presence of Vanderpool, the sheriff, with several other citizens, including Mr. He could see by the manner of those present that they were not only examining the bank, but himself, also. ~ll~i~di~ I::nt -i~b~ 3e;~r:~~:r S"~ IIYSae~T~': 4~ 6-::~1:~~ P ~1~:-1:: I:: I! I;--,*-e =-~II~-:,5= ~i~jrj~ rr-r~--~-13 ~P~-~ISB~W- --~~a~r YLPPlk ~:~=Ill tr-^f~'.~%nl Pc~~;~A"a~t~:k7`asc~i~"Tr~f i~? V~p~ll~~~:~::~;-""-~L"~_ =t~~r- ~~ - _,,, ~1 C~-:~ L= ~L.~._.~... _-NNNA - Y41 -7: f J4 '71: Na_; ZF tj' )ý6ý," F 7,7 --- ---..... So far as I can judge, the Mound Builders were under size and a very low order of intellect. They forever settled the fact that that young form, so lately full of life and happiness, was murderously crushed from earth by the hand of an assassin. Brti-~iaa~~~~I; "~::~ --~::::: -;i~rrr-DL~I~E" ~~bi PUP~e^ ~.~.=~~;la~-1;-"=-2P-l-~----~-~~;-sw~:~; L~:17i~; rl ~: 1: r=- _I ~ii~~r -47; T.;~ ~-8~~~p~--~:~=----r~8%-~~1L~g;;:~Ze~l:~W I~ r:c_: I: L- iii t^l 1.: L`-* ---r -- v;. a-a;-.-~~rspa-:::~ c---: ---;~ ~31=-:_ LL':.~ t*g~-~ ~-= 1.4 ~r-~r:---:::::- ---.:=1 ~I: I-:5;=:-- 4f~~:::_- if:_ "-~ I*;; I -----I ~P~::~5i~~~~c~i~ ~ ~ L: ~trt B~i~R~~; C--~_-I ~I: --::- ~Z~R~ii~-"T~ --.-1 -c~ =x -rr E~~r~L~38~~-TPI~PE; I~~Ra J~I~S%~a M-LI~I3C $d~l*l-Lk't~".r~B;~r Xlf~(ar-:~:"-~'i J~di~ X h~~~f I~ ~cl~I. P~C~S~p;lt::--- Ir-j "-; P -- C-~ _.-II_; -":-:"" -:s "r:=z~T~: T -- _r_ -1. 1:-- -"3 r: -1- ~ t L- a;:.~~=r: ~_3:: I:~::;::~r:--.-- ~~7~: ==;t T~s~-~ -- L=t -I. I:rtls_--la- '"sutf.:~sl~Cr:- ___ ~T~t~"-l-;-- Ir=1~:1~----- I:6_::::r; -_=`:ld -; = -i: Irzl I;i: I ---:_ 1L: L~ ~~;r~~;~z~l~tja~~~l~7~~A ~Z~~e~E$-~~IPPIF~---;,= -~--- =~ ~~F~~~~ --r-~r~~sf~LF~ lh~7? ~ "~ iju; ~;~ _1-- i LT;:~L~T:: ZT1.rr:rr- ~rr~ ----:~_ ----:-::: Lr_ -r_-I ~I~-~~T~IEI" _~fl;r~Br;~-XTd~LI.~r~p '$L3Jd~ku~"""~~~;~Pt SL~-Lr~i Id;-L~~I~P~i~~:~ ~ ==:1_=, ~=lc--- LTII_~:-II_ IL: T:-~-tl ~~7 1.::;::::;--- " ~-~ ~:- "axl~i~~~:rg~sll3? ~g-~~~IIPPt~'.~~'LI,,:t; If L~ 11 T-L_: I_~~s~Z~Rl~bp~ b~l" _f "=f';l rr-r ELI~E~~ ~*; Jyl --`71 ~.~~L-;i~ MI! I have now in my possession the skulls taken from this mound, and some other bones and skulls from different mounds. " Such was the state of affairs in Manistee on Friday, the 17th day of September, last; but about twenty-eight miles north, on the beach of Lake Michigan, the body of Herbert Field was found, and the wounds upon his head spoke a language a thousand fold stronger than anything that had been before discovered. Bear Creek takes its rise north of the county line, and flows through the townships of Springdale, Maple Grove and Brown, and unites with the Manistee. With the revival of general industry and trade came an increased demand and an increased price for lumber. "In 1865 Bear Lake was added; in 1867, Onekama and Pleasonton; in 1869, Manistee city, Filer and Marilla; in 1870, Springdale and Arcadia. "Ramsdell & Benedict occupied as a law office the present office of the Boom Company. "Three hundred buildings of various grades went up in Manistee in the year 1867. " But such was the firm of Vanderpool & Field, bankers, of Manistee, two enterprising looking young men with fair ability-the one affable and agreeable in society, with a good reputation for business and an excellent credit for a young man without means in the place from which he had just come, and that a neighboring town; and the other with almost unlimited control of quite a large sum of money, obtained upon his own credit (though not an ordinary business credit), and genial and talkative almost to a fault. Both of these rivers penetrate extensive pine regions. "Openings were made in the forests; farms began to appear; the pine timber interest took a wonderful impulse at the close of the war. The piers were commenced; the swing-bridge was constructed; the Boom Company organized; the Union School openied; churches started; commerce expanded, and by the Spring of the year 1869 Manistee blossomed out in a full blown city, with a special charter, a mayor, a common council and four wards; cutting the old town of M anistee in two, leaving Manistee town on one side, and Filer on the other. "At the close of the war there were only the three original townships in the county-Manistee, Stronach and Brown. Perhaps among his greatest faults as a business man was that of telling too much.

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Portage Lake, in Onekama Township, is one of the prettiest bodies of water in the state. 1875 42 1876 42 1877 35 1878 40 STATISTICS OF THE LIQUOR TRAFFIC. " For thirty-five nights the largest assembly room in the city was packed to suffocation with an eager throng full of a strange and wonderful enthusiasm. And when on Monday it was whispered about and reported in public that he is not to be 1--- --- - ---------- ----I--;-~ ~- --- - ~ _. 33 found--he is missing-the story, started by his late partner, that he supposed he had ran away, struck the public ear like (as it were) an electric shock, and went with amazing rapidity through the city.