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What is open dating relationship

These are marriages that "make- do" after the scar tissue has healed.

But frankly, that isn't the way it's done in my polyamorous community, or my open marriage. For me, sex with someone else is not a deal breaker. But having some openness is one of many ingredients that keep the erotic life active in our marriage.

The whole idea both titillated my husband and scared him a bit. Sometimes, sleeping with new people is a measuring stick of how connected you are to your spouse. What followed was a new friendship between all of us.

We discussed what would make him feel safe and comfortable, and when he gave me the green light, I met a lovely woman online. This is what I love about open marriage -- the unpredictability.

There is a tipping point for me; to make it work I need trust, clear agreements, and lots of communication.

I've often imagined if my house or phone were tapped by surveillance cops, they'd sit in a bored stupor listening to hours of my husband and I conversing about the nuance of our feelings, needs, fantasies, thoughts -- they'd surely beg for the "good old days" of surveilling the mafia.

There's exhilaration in moving through the fear of the potential loss of the relationship that, for us, is often followed by an all-consuming gratitude for each other; a gratitude that can get lost in the shuffle of mundane life.

I believe that the second wave of polyamory has a distinctly feminist bend to it.

Recently, my husband and I discussed what we would "allow" each other on separate upcoming business trips.In most poly-marriages I know of, the woman is not a "victim," but many times the initiator.My open marriage improves my connection with my spouse.My interest lies in maintaining both ends of the spectrum, and openness in my marriage is one of the many tools I use to achieve this goal.Every open marriage is different, just as monogamous marriages are varied.

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But, as we explore who we are and what we desire, openness keeps the mystery alive between my husband and me.

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