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Alex heartman and erika fong dating

Meanwhile, other characters get bogged down in the legalities of it all, and there are cheesy songs on the soundtrack and an expectedly heartwarming ending.The cast boast performances from a typically gruff Kris Kristofferson, a cameo from Martin Sheen, and a nice role for Robert Do Qui, a favourite of mine for his performance as the tough chief of police in ROBOCOP.They find a CD-R disc that Gavin hid for them in the boiler room, containing a video he made of himself before his “transformation”, telling them about the club and about the history that he learned about Dr. During this, Steve also befriends Dorian (William Sadler), the school janitor, who appears to be mentally handicapped and hunts rats for the city for some extra cash.Dorian demonstrates a device called an E-Rat-icator which emits a soft, high pitched whine that is supposed to be innocuous but annoying to rats, which is an abysmal failure.

A little later, during an encounter where a Blue Ribbon known as “Chug” (A. Buckley) assaults Rachel in the school basement, the E-Rat-icator goes off, and immediately sends the student into a psychotic fit, driving him away.

This leads to a final battle between Steve and Caldicott, which Steve wins by kicking Caldicott off the cliff.

Steve and Rachel then leave town on the ferry with Lindsay and U. to begin a new life elsewhere without their parents.

Everything plays out here exactly as you’d expect, but ORIGINAL INTENT is surprisingly well made and engaging for what it is.

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