Ddating the trees at jamestown virginia

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Ddating the trees at jamestown virginia

[Read before the Providence Medical Associalion by G. About one month before the present attack, he had left the employ- ment of the farm for that of the- shop, and became a dry-goods clerk for a house in Boston. 1 found his cough had been more troublesome, and that he had, in a severe paroxysm, expectorated a large patch of a white lough sub- stance, which, from the description, 1 had no doubt was a portion of false membrane. — His pulse had risen to 112; otherwise about the same as al the last visit. The indi- cations for treatment being changed, he was put upon stimulants. It is our intention to fur- nish its readers with the medical news of the day, and especially that which relates to our own country. — During the last week the mortality of our city has taken a sudden and extreme rise, 98 deaths being reported, in place of 66 of the previous week. It was with difficulty I removed the largest, which measured six inches in circumference. For, during the last twelve months, one hundred and iwenty-three needles^ twelve halves or fractions of needles^ and two headless pins, have been extracted. — Pulse, 128, and better; skin warm and moist; coun- tenance less anxious; tenderness of abdomen less; the uterus is feh four inches above pubis; redness and thickness of skin of ex- ternal organs and inside of thighs. Peritoneal cavity contains about six oui Kres of a thin, yellowish- brown, semi-purulent fluid, which has an intestinal odor, and a faint acid reaction. each side of the limb, being moulded to its shape, and retained by a bandage. — The apparatus was removed, not having been even tightened since its application. It is now moderately dilated, all its adhesions have become detached, and the pupil seems less cloudy in the cen- tre of its field. Several years ago a woman was executed in this city for the murder of her infant by a means closely resembling that just allu- ded to ; she passed a long darning needle through the upper part of the spinal marrow into the brain, where it was found. Is unmarried, but has had one child, seven months since ; labor tedious and instrumental.

CASE OF TRACHEO -BRONCHIAL CROUP OCCURRING IN AN ADULT. D., and communicated for the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.] The subject, a young man, S. Con- sumption had destroyed some members of the family, and the sub- ject of these remarks had felt some anxiety as to the state of his own lungs — ever looking with suspicion upon any disturbance there. The face showed marks of lividity, the lips purplish, and everything indicated the imperfect oxidation of blood. Its issue, weekly, we are assured, continues accepta- ble to numerous practitioners whose leisure rarely allows them to peruse the whole of the contents of a monthly or quarterly journal ; and as we believe it now stands nearly, if not quite, alone (not having seen the only other weeklies we are cognizant of, for some time, and supposing their death — for which, however, we should be sorry), we take it for granted that it will find continued, and perhaps greater, favor. The first discharges were feculent, followed by more of the same kind of lumps ; these last completely filled up the rectum, and caused great suffering. She has since su HTered much from nervous irritation caused by nu- merous needles, as the event has proved. This adhesion is the firmest of all those recently formed, but is easily separated by gentle traction. Compresses wet with lead-water were applied to the foot ; a band- age of cravat-shape confined the limb to a cushion, and the foot was supported by another bandage, the ends of which were fixed, on the right and left. Two splints of moisten- ed and softened paste-board were now applied, next the skin, on 38 Incomplete Tibio-iarsal Dislocation Forwards. — He says the pupil remained small and irregular after the application of the atropia, but the next morning it had dilated and become regular. — Yesterday and to-day have been rainy, and the eye is as much injected as on the 27lh. 209 bristle to pass through it into tho heel-pouch, along a canal alnaost fill- ed with sebaceous matter, which passed along the back of the thigh ; this little aperture had all the appearance of being artificially niade, but was unquestionably of intra-uterine origin, and is deserving of especial notice in a nriedico-legal point of view, as, under other circumstances, it might readily be mistaken for a hole intentionally made with a pointed instrument for the purpose of destroying the child's life, by passing a long needle up into the spinal marrow.

Prof, on the ani Emia of chil- dren, 257 ^Mc Lean, Dr. York^ 28 ; in America, 150 ; in Europe, 216 ^ledical profession in the United States, Dr. Case of miscarriage, with retained placentii, 445 Palmar aixh, wound of, 486 Paracentesis pericardii, 356 ; thoracis, 349 Paris, Dr. AYound of the palmar arch, 486 Peninsular Joiumal and Dr. Jonathan) Physician's Pre- scription Book, critictd notice of, 532 Perinseum, rupture of, 66 ; ti'eatment of rupture of, by M. Charles Sumner, 417 Pessary, new form of intra-uterine, 288 Philadelphia, medical schools in, 355 Phlegmasia dolens, 511 Phosphate of lime, iir fractures, 19, 57 Phosphorus, purification of amorphous, 78 Phraseology, medical, 129 Phthisis, treatment of, 153 ; in London, 171; contagiousness of, 194 Ph-s Tnosis, 441 ; new mode of operating for, 214 Physician's Visiting List, notice of, 190 ; Tabulated Diary, notice of, 191 Pills, covering with collodion, 476 Pineo, Dr. Letter from New York, 309 Placenta prsevia, 428 ; with twins, 347, 406 Plevirisy, with great contraction of the chest] 266 Poisoning, supposed by copper, 124 ; from naphtha, 256 ; by cyanide of potassiimi, 387; from belladonna plaster, 451; by morphia and belladoima, 468 Poisonous medicines, 68 ; means of pre- venting accidents from, 168 Polypus uteri, case of, 286 ; successfully terminated without operation, 276 Pregnancy, spurious, 29 1 ; extensive in- jury during, 256 ; haemorrhage during, 488 Presbyopia as an element in diagnosis, 516 Professional reputation, 256 Prostate gland, enlargement of, 386 Providence Medical Association, 143 Providence, mortality of city of, 235, 415 Puerperal, fever, followed by phlegmasia dolens, 511 ; mania, 20 ; peritonitis, 31 ; convulsions, etherization in, 336, 510 Purpura hsemorrhagica, 124, 414 Putnam, Dr. treatment of, 376 Raw pork as an aliment, 497 Read, Dr. Case of labor in a contracted pelvis, without artificial aid, 462; effect of tartrate of antimony in facilitating labor, 505 Rectum, impaction of, with cherry stones, 316 ; with cm-rants, 407 Regurgitation, obstinate case of, relieved by chloroform, 456 Relief for indigent or disabled phvsicians, 393 Resuscitation after submersion, 143 Reviews of medical books, 292 Rheumatism, alkaline tfeatment in, 28 Ricord's doctrines, 271 Rickets, cure for, 396 Root, Dr. Intestinal fistula, opening into the groin, 506 Routine treatment, 1 28 Salivation in pregnancy, 58, 397 San Francisco, vital statistics and causes of mortality in, 217 Sawyer, Dr. Vital statistics of San Francisco, 217 Scarlatina, treatment of, 14 ; account of an epidemic of, 141 ; belladonna as a pro- phylactic in, 411; inunction in, 434; glycerine and creosote in, 435 Scientific Convention at Albany, 86 Sea-bathing, 416 Sea-sickne^, critical notice of Dr. Y.) Obstetric Memoirs and Contributions, critical notice of, 6 1 Slade, Dr. John) Medical Profession in ancient times, critical notice of, 62 Weber, Dr. On the following day he thought it had disappeared, and returned to his business in Bos- ton. He had but slight and infrequent cough, but always givin'g him pain in the larynx and trachea. There was an evident attempt at suppression on account of the pain which it produced. Internally, it presented nearly the same appearance as yesterday. In this way, we hope to have always in store valuable and interesting matter, and never to be reduced to avow that our " boxes " are "empty." Let our contributors at a distance continue to remember us ; we are especially avaricious of well-reported ca^es — new methods of treatment, not speculative merely, but accompanied by inventions — descriptions of apparatus — and whatever else really tends to advance the " healing art." With regard to new publications, notwithstanding our space is limited, we intend to assign a proper proportion of it to their examination. The deaths from "sun-stroke" were 6 ; from scarlet fever. Consumption has risen to its usual level, having caused 10 deaths. Quinn in the charge of the Hamil- ton County Lunatic Asylum at Cincinnati. Jefferson Medical College.— The number of graduates of this Institution from the first commencement held in 1826, to that of 1856 inclusive, is, according to a catalogue recently published, 3,597. Probably some were broken off when extracted, as were some of the needles. Astringent washes were used, and the parts were freely painted with tincture of iodine two or three times. Pulse 108, rather small; tongue moist, wiih a thin while coat; skin nalural. Nothing positive could be concluded froin the information given by the patient — although undoubtedlv correct ; the action of the circumstances he described, seeming in no wise similar to that usually observed in such cases. But from this he recovered in three weeks, so far as to require no further treatment, although vision did not become absolutely perfect until some little time after the disappearance of all external traces of in- flammation. The anterior chamber is very hazy, so that the exact condiiion of the pupil can- not be seen. 'J'he central })ortion of the capsule of the lens is still covered with a cloudy deposit, but the pupil is dilated so as to leave a narrow clear space around this de- posit, and he has some vision. He has taken cold, and there is some lachrymation and more redness of the globe, but the state of the pupil is improved. — He had so much pain that he took an opiate on the even- ing of the llth. It dilates but very slightly, and only at some points, under the influence of solution ol" alropia, ten grains to the ounce of water. The anterior chamber and the field of the puj)il are slightly cloudy. The skull was examined, and a small hole, of the size of an awl, was found near the ear, just where Elizabeth Bowerman had pointed out ; the coroner's jury, in consequence, returned a verdict of wil- ful murtler against the prisoner. Sheldon, who, after examining the skull, declared his opin- ion that the hole, supposed to have been made by an awl, was a natural perforation for the passage of a vein ; and pointed out the fact, that there was a sort of enamel round it which could not have been there if it had been made by force. Marson, Esq., Surgeon to the London Smallpox Hospi- tal, says, " he has never seen any evil results traceable to vaccina- tion, with the exception of a single instance in which measles oc- cured at the same time, and four or five examples of rather severely sore arms, arising from lymph recently taken from the cow." * Vol. Ether having been administered, urethra was found of natural size, free throufjhout entire extent, but a foreign body struck by sound in cavity of bladder. — Again etherized and a twisted hair-pin removed from bladder. — Another hair-pin removed, nearly entire, like the first twisted, and its points greatly projecting. No incrustation upon these bodies, although patient asserts they were introduced years since. — The bladder was again carefully sounded to-day, but found empty. Her early account of herself, that in Ireland she was considered epileptic, probably resolves itself, by the testi- mony of late years, into the fact that she has always been hysterical, then violently so. They were admirable expositions of the princi- ples of therapeutics, and contained careful and accurate descriptions of drugs and therapeutical compounds. So Let those take still, who always took before, And those who never took, take all the more! I have recently seen a part of a needle, which was taken from the forefinger, nearly six months alter it was accidentally forced in. June 12th, the fifth day, erysipelas, in a mild form, made its appearance about the wound, and gradually extended, during the next ten days, over the whole chest, down the back and over the right arm. It is, in fact, a great merit of the work, that it describes all agents or influences that are 212 " Hereditary Influence, Animal and Human. There is probably only one thing which would be more gratifying to him, and that is, unicersal promptitude in payments — a great thing, that ! It has occurred to me, whether, if the needles were swallowed, they might not have remained a long lime in the paint, and thus been preserved, or protected from the corrosive eftecl of surrounding substances. The flaps of skin came readily together, and were secured by sutures and adhesives. The remainder of the work, which embraces all the second volume and more than three-fourths of the first, is occupied with an account of remedial agents, not jnerely of drugs, but of all therapeutical appliances, whether drugs or more general remedies, as cold, heat, electricity, diet, depletion, mineral waters, mental influences and the like, which the physician of the present day employs. Thomas Yv'', Resuscita- tion after submersion, 184 Bonney, Dr. Post-mortem examina- tion of an epileptic patient, 401 Boston Dispensary, 26, 130, 535 Boston Society for Medical Improvement, 39, 79, 122, 164, 226, 265, 311, 329, 350, 364, 385, 407, 447, 469, 509, 525 Boston j NIedical and Surgical Journal, ori- gin of, 415 Bowditch, Dr. Raw pork as an aliment, 497 Bowman's (John E.) Litroduction to Prac- tical Chexnistry, critical notice of, 271 Breast, glandular hypertrophy of, 30 ; fibro- plastic tumors of, 40 4 INDEX. Cases of puer- peral disease and peritonitis, 31 ; case of polypus uteri, successfully termina- ted -without operation, 277 ; case of excessive salivation during pregnancy, 397 Caesarean section, successful case of, 48 California, Medical Convention, and So- ciety of, 167 Calomel, tonical use of, in fistula in ano, 276 Camphor, as an antidote to strychnia, 538 Cancer of liver and stomach, 83 ; of lung, pericardium and hear t, 186; of the blad- der, 311, 512 Carbon, deposit of, in the inguinal glands of a tattooed subject, 447 Carbonic acid, effect of on the gravid ute- rus, 374 Catamenia and mammary secretion during pregnancy, 508 Catheter, new method of passing, 453 Cauliflower excrescence, 286, 288 ( 'auterization of cervix uteri, severe effects of, 33, 35 Caustic for nsevus, 518 Chalk ointment, Spender's, 336 Channing, Dr. Cases of hydro- sis and of ovarian disease, 477 Chloroform, advantages of as an antesthe- tic, 329 ; poisoning from swallowing, 336 ; use of in croup, 516 Cholera, ravages of, 196 Cholera infantum, a few words on, by M. Fleetwood) Diseases of Infants and Childi-en, critical notice of, 147, 252 Cincinnati, health of, 236 Circumcision, as preventive of syphilis, 77 ; new mode of performing, 214 ; death from, 435 Chrhosis of the liver, 222, 226 Clapp, Dr. Successful removal of the uterus, 437 Clarke's (Dr. H.) Introductory lecture, critical notice of, 532 Clay's (Dr. He was only prevented by the remonstrances of his sister. Will correspondents indulge us in one or two things, which we look upon quite in the light of institufio Tis, as the phrase is ; viz , To prepare their manuscripts legibly, on alternate pages, with a reasonable sprinkling of punctuation, somewhat of a leaning towards good grammar, and a little more condensation of the matter communicated ? This is shown by the fact that the disease is nowhere so common as in those iso- lated communities where almost all the inhabitants are related to each other, as the Canton of Berne, in Switzerland, where the degeneracy of the race is seen in all its deformity — cretinism, idiocy and congenital deaf-mutism. H, A correspondent writes us that there is no town of tiial name in New Hampshire, and thai Prof Locke was born at Lempster, N. Deaths in Boston for the week ending Saturday noon, Aug. 2— congestion of the brain, 2 — burned, 7 — consumption, 10 — convulsions, 8— cholera infantum, 17— cholera morbus, I — croup, 3 — dysentery, 1 — dropsy, 1 — dropsy in the head, 5— drownetl, I— infantile diseases, 4 — puerperal, 1 — drinking cold water, 1— exhaustion, 1— typhoid fever, 2— scarlet fever. 2— inflammation of the lungs, 1 — marasmus, 1— old age, 1 — pleurisy, 1 — scalded, J— sun-stroke, 6— teething, 4 — tumor on knee, 1— unknown, 3— v\hoopins cough, L Under 5 years, 52— between 5 and 20 years. As the urine became less acid, corresponding improvement in the symptoms was noticed. In forty cases in which this was exclu- sively used, the erysipelas yielded in from twenty-four to forty-eight hours. — Of insane persons, the cures to the admitted in Bengal are 52-60 ; while in eleven different asylums in Great Britain which have been se- lected from a recent report for comparison, there were only 37-04. A question naturally arises, whether the needles and paint were swallo Aved, or introduced from without ? This case constitutes a complete exception to previous observations: for after an easy reduction, its maintenance was even more easy. — Glandular Hypertrophy of the Breast of 23 years Duration. Twenty-eiofht years since, she no- ticed a small, hard lump in the right breast, which did not alarm her, as it was neither painful nor tender. Foreign bodies of various kinds have been removed from her vagina by Drs. Bigelow, who made some comments upon the case at a meeting of the Medical Improvement Society, Aug. Since her discharge from the Lying-in Hospital, she has begged re-ad- mission, having apparently again filled the bladder; but this was refused, on the ground that treatment without proper restraint would be worse than useless. It differs from the United States Dispensatory, of which it is almost needless to say Dr. Ligature of the sub- clavian artery, 522 Blatchford, Dr. 5 Elbow-joint, excision of, 12, 122; com- pound c Dinrainated fracture of, 521 Empyem.i, treated by thoracentesi--, 200 Encep^aloid disease of the stomach, 79 ; of the thigh, 321 ; of the bladder, 523 Epilepsia laryugea, treated by tracheotomy, 131 Epilcp-.y, 336, 377, 421, 457; infantile, 310; post-mortem examination in a case of, 401 Erectile tumor of the fore-arm, 323 Ergot and borax, indications for, 68 Erysipelas, Velpeau's treatment of, 28 ; local applications in the treatment of, 232 ; phlegmonous, of the leg, 527 Etherization in nervous or vital shock, 140 ; in puerperal convulsions, 333, 610 Ethnology, new work on, 516 Europe, four months in, 116 Eustis-Street Uharitable Dispensary, 314 Excision of elbow-joint, 12, 122 Experimental and clinical researches ap- plied to ]jhvsiologv and pathology, 337, ^ 377,421,457 Extra-uterine loetation, 413 Eye, melanosis of, 470 Eyes, congenital absence of, 107 False membrane, passed per anum, 203 Fast living, 454 Fat, as a preventive of consumption, 232 Fatty tumor of the thigh, 297 Fearing, Dr. Joshua H., notice of, 395 Headache, Punch on, 132 Head, injury to, with hernia cerebri, 227 Health of the Southern cities, 88 ; public, 216; health of operatives in factories, 315, 342 Heart, rupture of in a dog, 316 Hereditary influence, 212 Hernia, ventral, 123 ; new method for the radical cure of, 194 ; cerebri, 227 Hip-joint, amputation at, 533 Hitchcock, Dr. On the afternoon of this day he wished to walk out of town to his fathers, a distance of six miles. They must not suppose that there are no drawbacks — no clogs to our wheels— but we will say nothing about these if we only " get a lift"" from them now and then. Meniere states that the intermarriage of rela- tions has more effect than any other cause in producing deaf-mutism. — On pa^eo20, line 13ih from top, for one fourth read ove and three fourths. Jotin Locke's death, in the number for Julv 17lh, he is slated to have been born at Fryburgh, N. Accident, 3 — asthma, 2— inflammation of the brain. The treatment consisted in the administration of the supertartrate of potassa and soda, every hour, and the application of an alkaline and opiate lotion to the swelled joints. Purple's Journal of Medicine and the Collateral Sci- ences, whose July number has not yet been issued, is not to be discontinued. Bulkley, will continue until the end of its current vo- lume, after which it will be united with the Journal, and the twain will be edited by. We are glad of it; for they fur- nish, during the year, a good deal of valuable professional reading." Treatment of Erysipelas. Velpeau gives the results of his treatment of 1000 cases of Erysipelas. He employs the proto-sulphate of iron in solution, about twelve grains to the ounce of water — or as an ointment, eight parts to thirty of lard. Eight is the largest number extracted in one day, or at one visit. And it is espe- ctially in incomplete dislocations that this difficulty has always been greatest and that the most serious accidents have occurred. General Hospital with a very large, movahle tumor of the right breast, of which she gave the following history. Bigelow, Perry, Moriarty, Abbot, Herrick and Sprague at least, perhaps by others. It describes the efl^ects of drugs on the system, their use and application in disease, more fully than it does the drugs themselves.

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Wi Uiam) Synopsis of Lectm-es on Ophthalmology, critical no- tice of, 531 : Mal-practice, trial for, 515 March, Dr. Four montns in Eu- - rope, 116 Massachusetts Medical Society, Publica- tions, 192 ; adjourned meeting of, 234 Massachusetts Eye and Ear Inhnnary, 396 ^lauthner. Foreign body in the air-passages, 56 : Medical Book Clubs, 4ia Medical Examiner, notice of, 394 Medical Journals, in the city of N. llemoval of the in- verted uterus, 109 Quackery, prohibition of, in Russia, 476 Rain, amount of at New Orleans in Au- gust, 215 Ranula. On phymosis, 441 ; on stricture of the urethra, 483 Smallpox in Boston, 495 Smallpox contagion, prolonged vitality of, 262 Smith, Dr. Operations for the cure of natui-al fissures of the soft pa- late, 119 8 INDEX. Henry H.) Treatise on the Practice of Surgery, critical notice of, 369 Spermatorrhoea, treatment of, 352 Stomach, obscure affection of, 450 ; colloid disease of, 166 Storer, Dr. Alfred S.) Medical Juris- prudence, critical notice of, 147, 189 Thayer, Dr. Henry, munificent bequest by, 374 Washington, on assimilation, &c., critical notice of, 191 Watson's (Dr. E., 516 Whooping cough among negroes, 536 Widows and orphans of physicians, 376, 393 Williams, Dr. George B.) Treatise on the- rapeutics and pharmacology, critical no- tice of, 211 Yale College, Medical Institution of, 536 Yellow fever, in New York, 47, 48, 106 ; quarantine laws in Boston concerning, 83, 108, 148 ; opinion of consulting phy- sicians of Boston concerning, 108 ; in Charleston, 294 ; Dr. 2d, 1855, which day he spent with his friends at Rehoboth, and began to complain of slight soreness of the throat. Submaxillary glands a little swelled, particularly 10 Ckise of Trache O' Bronchial Crotq. He complained when the larynx or Irach^ was compressed. The tonsils were a little enlarged, and both of them nearly covered with a thick, dense, whitish membrane, which adhered firmly and dipped into the glandular crypts. Not being willing, however, to trust wholly to this probable salutary influ- ence, we have constituted ourselves a press-gang — and have inveigled some, and badgered others, into an agreement to furnish us with articles, from time to time, of practical import, and of such length as may suit their convenience and meet the requirements of their subjects. Cholera infantum has been very fatal, numbering 17 victims. The needles varied much in size, and were found in dilferent positions ; many were perpendicular to the axis of the body, with points presenting — others more or less oblique — some with eyes broken, some with points broken, and a few without either points or eyes. Peritonitis after the use of Caustic to the Os Uteri. She suffers constantly from headache, and is confined to her bed at least half the time. Examined by speculum, there was found retroflexion of the cer- vix, and ulceration. M., llie abdomen was very lympanitic, somewhat tender, and i)ainfiil over left iliac region. Continued in the same condition, though gradually im- proving, till May 27th, when she was up and dressed. The whole external mu- cous membrane of the cervix was smooth and shining, but not of abnormal color. She expressed some pain in the left side during the operation. The rarity of this accident nmkes the account interesting. The accident was evidently an incomplete dislocation of the tibia forwards upon the tarsus, as proved by the measurements taken, when compared with those made upon the dead body in cases of complete dislocation ; and also by the nature of the displacement itself, notwithstanding the difliculty experienced in precisely defin- ing the; relations of the osseous surfaces. Several months after this he had another, still more severe, attack, causing much apprehension in the minds of two gentlemen who saw him for me during my absence for a day from the city. Has suffered very much from rheu- matism, from the effects of which he has not yet recovered. The eye exhibits considerable conjunctival and sclerotical injection. This membrane appears to be connected at its centre with another false membrane deposited on the anterior surface of the lens, and to which the edge of the pupil seems adherent. — The false membrane mentioned on 6th, seems to have be- come absorbed from the anterior chamber. The prognosis, at the time the patient was first seen, was quite unfavorable. A week since he began to have uneasiness in right eye, and no- ticed dimness of vision-. Has had some pain in temples when facing the lamp in the evening, but has slept free from pain. The right pupil is contracted, and adherent at numerous points around its entire margin. Ordered an infusion of rose leaves and allhea root, to be used, tepid, as a lotion. Jn consequence of this statement, in February, 1800, two years and a half after her death, the body of Mary Gallop was disinterred, and an inquest held. Pressure along course of urethra easily borne, but higher up, in neighborhood of and upon bladder, causing severe pain. This woman's past history gives a good idea of the inveterate habit into which her malady has driven her. We well recollect the pleasure and profit with which we listened to those lectures.

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