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Fatigue , epilepsy , aphasia and even mental health issues were my new normal .Aphasia is probably my biggest remaining challenge to this day, but thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel.’’Barbara joined the Stroke Association’s Newry Communication Group this year.‘‘It is run by Catherine – a speech and language Therapist. I really enjoyed the speech classes – there were only about four or five of us in the group and we all had aphasia.

The Stroke Association is urging people to show their support for stroke survivors who are lost for words and make a donation. For more information on the Stroke Associations SLT Communication Plus programme, contact the Northern Ireland team on [email protected] or call 028 9050 8020.Machen, CRP™ - renewal date 04/04/19 Julianne Maguire, RP® - renewal date 05/27/18Susan Manes, RP®, OCP - renewal date - 04/25/19 Mary Mc Court, CLA - retired Enya Mc Kinnon, ALP - received credentials 03/17 Kathleen Miller, RP® - renewal date 08/08/18 Natalie Nelson, RP® - renewal date 04/06/19 Suzette Nichols, CP - renewal date 09/30/17 Heather Nugget, CP - renewal date 03/31/18 Linda Odermott, RP,® OCP - renewal date 01/31/18 Barbara Parr, CLP - received credentials 03/17 Brenda Phillips CLP - received credentials 03/17 Brenda Piplovick, PP - received credentials 09/10 Sena Richichi, RP® - renewal date 12/24/17 Christina Risberg, CP, ACP - renewal date 03/31/21 Margaret Robinson, PLS - received credentials 03/11 Angie Rubschlager, CRP™ - renewal date 04/24/18 Christina L.Ruff, CRP™ - renewal date 01/31/19 Karen Russell, RP® - renewal date 02/19/18 Charlene Sabini, ALP, PLS, PP - received credentials 09/13, 09/14, and 03/17 respectively Karen Smitherman - RP® renewal date 03/14/17 Traci Spahr, PP - received credentials 03/10 Angela Stennick, ALP, PLS - received credentials 09/13 and 03/14 respectively Patricia Tate, ACP - renewal date 01/31/21 Diane Thompson, CP, RP®, OCP - renewal date 01/31/18 and 06/21/18 respectively Mary Van Kleeck, CRP™ - renewal date 05/09/19 Rebecca Walker, CP - renewal date 01/31/20 Malia Wallace-Mello, RP® - renewal date 03/17/19 Michele White, RP® - renewal date 09/26/18 Kristine D.The following are the credentials recognized by OPA.OPA is a member of NFPA®, the National Federation of Paralegal Associations.

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It was lovely to be around other people who had been through similar experiences as me.