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Big dating emu make twisted

More recently, it was Alberto Bagnai who called the Euro defeat of the economists[9].

It is interesting to see that these criticisms come from authors who are faithful to the theoretical framework of the New Monetary Consensus[10], and from more heterodox authors[11].

Identical doubts have since then been expressed in other countries, in Italy[4] and Germany[5] in particular.In doing so, it was the economic and social well-being of Europeans, and the sustainability of the social model of continental European countries, which has been taken hostage.Yet, since the beginning of 2016 illusions are falling apart.This approach of creeping transfer of sovereignty to an unknown centre is deeply flawed and will meet popular resistance »[16].When he designates sovereignty as being called to be in the end sacrificed in the process, he is, of course, still right.

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These include the works of Flassbeck and Lapavitsas (2013), or the contribution of Kawalec and Pytlarczyk (2013).

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