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Intimidating art images

Luckily, the AGO is bursting with colourful interactive fun on Family Day.

On Monday, February 19 from am to 4 pm, put on your favourite colour, escape the cold and join us to celebrate with music, movement and activities for the whole family.

We don’t want to brag or anything, but we were ahead of the curve.

We crowdfunded a magnificent Tintoretto painting back in the 1950s.

So why not indulge your artistic impulses in some of these courses?

The groundbreaking exhibition is dedicated to the personal and artistic relationship between two powerhouses of abstract painting, American Joan Mitchell (1925–1992) and Canadian Jean Paul Riopelle (1923–2002).

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We caught up with Katy to ask her for a few picture-perfect pieces of advice.

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I've had the pleasure of creating some scary critters for a variety of projects and I’m deeply curious about what scares us and why. Deviate from the standard human form in any way and it makes us feel uncomfortable, even scared.