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His recent profiles are: The best thing is to check the profile we have attached (below) and note the points in red.Also note the email address and phone numbers below so that you can identitfy him.

Could it be a coincidence that George’s email has the ending ‘au’ for Australia?

When he’s confronted about this, his explanations are confused and contradictory.

We also know that he has introduced boys as sex partners who are under the legal age.

His charm and confidence have won him many friends.least to those that have not seen his other side!

Because he has access to Whites, and therefore money, he commands respect from the people around him – enough to make him a gang leader?

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Because in 2007 his wife gave birth to a son who they named Kelvin. If Frank is not a scammer and what he says is true – that he doesn’t realise his boys scam, that he cannot be responsible for them and that he didn’t realise the visa was fake, etc – then his judgement is not to be trusted.

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