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Several Railroad Prototype Cyclopedia volumes are highly recommended, but not all are readily available.Check the hobby shops listed on the publisher website to track down a copy.Many images featured here are of HO scale model freight cars from the collections of other Pre-Depression era modelers and may have had detail parts and weathering added in the building process.A guide of this nature has many contributors and folks who review the facts before it is posted here.Many of the Railmodel Journal articles noted through this survey are currently available to view on the Train Life website.The search function is easy to use in finding the specific issues.4600 Series USRA 40 ton double sheathed box car – 25,000 prototypes built under USRA control from 1919 to 1920 and assigned to 24 different railroads.

As of this February 2018 update, these are currently available (or anticipated) HO scale, injection molded plastic products appropriate for a 1920s modeling focus.24 Series USRA 55 ton twin hopper – 25,000 prototypes built under USRA control from 1919 to 1920 and assigned to 23 different railroads.Railmodel Journal May 1995 – USRA Twin Hoppers The 2400 Series hopper models are supposed to be decorated with USRA “as built” lettering schemes and are packed with Andrews trucks.It bears passing resemblance to a Pennsylvania Railroad prototype.40-foot Pflauder milk car – Don Valentine sent along additional prototype details: The “40-foot Pflauder milk car” shown in this list is a GPEX car by acquisition only.

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