Guys in cameo jacking off

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Guys in cameo jacking off

But as directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg tell it, Mc Cartney, 74, almost went overboard with the "There he is. I got nervous, because no one is going to see it in a way. And the directors liked Mc Cartney keeping his Liverpool accent."We were happy with that, it was part of recognizing him," says Rønning. We had to tone it down a little bit and dig out his own features.Bill, congratulations." It was modest, but Mc Cain sold the line. As played by Kiefer Sutherland, he is a grace-under-pressure ex-junkie and as searing as a red-hot poker when issuing commands.

But Richards wasn't able to make the gig (they're calling it scheduling difficulties).Season 2 started this wonderful brief-celeb-cameo tradition by quickly killing off Will Ferrell:"Last Man on Earth" star/creator Will Forte talked to The Hollywood Reporter about booking Season 4's premiere cameo.Will Forte: He is somebody who is one of my comedy heroes.Schaffer's involvement led to Black's cameo, as the two previously worked together on a failed television pilot Awesometown, as well as a cameo by Lonely Island cohort Chester Tam, as a man who had his clothes blown off.In 2010, the song appeared in the credits of the HBO series True Blood, and was used in the video game Gran Turismo 5 (2010).

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"A red-hot poker is planted in someone's chest, but other than that, there is no torture." , and the story went on to explain that the senator—a former guest of the Hanoi Hilton and recent sponsor of a law explicitly banning cruelty to terror suspects, known as the torture amendment—would play only the tiniest of parts on Fox's homeland-security action hit. But my eyes got itchy, and I did, and Mc Cain's contribution to February sweeps eluded me.

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