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Updating sp1 to sp2

I also made sure anti virus, backup and other agents dis not have any issues with Exchange 2010 SP2.

Nothing is more annoying then telling a customer his Exchange Organization has been upgraded to the lasted and greatest version only to follow up on that statement with the fact the backups don’t run anymore.

) or update via the Service Pack installation media.

Furthermore, updates can be performed via servers hosting Subscription Management Tool or SUSE Manager.

An example of this is below for a the mailbox role server. and do so by evacuating the databases to the other nodes as to avoid service interruption.

The process to upgrade DAG member is described here: provides two Power Shell scripts to automat this for you.

Here is a step by step walk trough of an Exchange 2010 SP2 installation.

Once you started to upgrade it’s best to upgrade all nodes in the Exchange Organization as fast as you can to SP2.

An Online Migration is supported by the following tools: Make sure the currently installed version has the latest patches installed.

Run an Online Update prior to the Online Migration.

There you can find some more information and links to the downloads, release notes etc.

You will also note that the Exchange 2012 Tech Net documentation has SP2 relevant information added.

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So we can click on “Upgrade” and get the show on the road.

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