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Meanwhile, though a deal with Time to publish an excerpt of the memoir isn't finalized, the mag has flown famed photographer Albert Watson from Spain to prep her for her closeup.

‘‘ We’re not,’’ he insisted. Washington said she often compared the game to war.

She was the first black woman to be Secretary of State, and she held the highest position in a presidential cabinet that any black woman has held.

Nationality: United States Executive summary: US Secretary of State, 2005-09Condoleezza Rice describes herself as a moderate Republican, and has never been identified with so-called "black issues", which has led some African-Americans to view her with suspicion.

She says she became a Republican when she watched the 1984 Democratic Convention on TV, and decided that the Democrats' appeals to "women, minorities, and the poor" really meant "helpless people and the poor".

Following her confirmation as Secretary of State, Rice pioneered the policy of Transformational Diplomacy directed toward expanding the number of responsible democratic governments in the world and especially in the Greater Middle East.

She has logged more miles traveling than any other Secretary of State.

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Rice never became involved in the civil rights movement, but she says, "My parents had me absolutely convinced that, well, you may not be able to have a hamburger at Woolworth's but you can be President of the United States." She mastered the piano at three, and was told that she could have had a career as a concert pianist.