Double dating

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Double dating

It was at that time that reported that the 200 inch Hale telescope at California’s Palomar Observatory discovered the companion to Alcor, an M-dwarf star, more commonly referred to as a “red dwarf”.

Despite it’s small sounding name, the 2009 observation reports it to be “250 times the mass of Jupiter”, which is according to my star sense, bigger than a bread box, and one-fourth the size of Sol.

This theory of mine is the result of my most current fling with author, James Gleick’s “Chaos, Making a New Science”. Clerke made her observations two years after her honorary election into the Royal Astronomical Society, along with Lady Huggins, in 1903. (Wikipedia – Agnes Mary Clerke – May 14th 2017, ).

In summary, so far…“Mizar A was the first spectroscopic binary to be discovered, by Pickering in 1889.

Kirch and spouse in 1700, and “measured repeatedly since the time of Bradley in 1755”, as read from Robert Burnham’s Celestial Handbook, Volume 3, pages 1953-1954.

However, a built-for-two scenario with four people can quickly become problematic without proper planning.

With our ventures into exoplanets, perhaps a vying eye, with an acquaintance with high resolutions, (gigahertz, hint hint radio astronomers…) we may be pleasantly surprised with a septuple (seven parts) or a perhaps even a new planetary discovery in Alcor Um.

If only red shift detection could be done at will, and fully funded to keep research active for years to come at the Green Bank Telescope, West Virginia, we’d only need to ask once or maybe twice for a peek under the bed-sheets of our sextuplet daters.

Unfortunately, as soon as it was found, it was lost.

Later, due to the diligence of Vassar College graduate, Miss Antonia Maury, (with honors in physics, astronomy and philosophy), saw it once again on January 7, 1889.

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Sobel writes that Pickerings note read that sometimes it appears as a single, and at other times, a double!

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