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Guy berryman dating 2016

You know you're emotionally scarred when you can relate to the lyrics of an Avril Lavigne song ("He was a skater boi/she said see ya later boi/he wasn't good enough for her/now he's a superstar/slammin' on his guitar"). Now, of course, he's an international rock star, millionaire and sex symbol, and every time I open a newspaper, I see Chris, a celebrity, having it all.

He looked healthy and tanned, clean-shaven with gel-styled hair. Before long we were flirting and, I admit it, where before he'd irritated me, I now felt flattered. He said he felt bad about what happened that night because it had been "shallow", that he'd only wanted something he couldn't have before. I had been shallow before in not accepting Chris the "geek", but my new-found feelings had little to do with his fame.With his braces gone his smile wasn't goofy any more - it was sexy. Suddenly, Chris appeared, surrounded by screaming Japanese fans. Chris had changed - his insecurity had been replaced by confidence and self-belief.Fame had made him into just the man I was attracted to, just as I could no longer have him. I'm happy now, studying journalism in London, with a boyfriend who is almost Chris's polar opposite. I would only feel regret if, in enjoying his new sex-symbol status, he were to lose that geeky spirit of naivety that made him unique."I call it my commando roll," said Chris, and I burst out laughing, partly from nerves, partly from embarrassment. But a week later I was in bed when there was a knock at my door.We spent the evening chatting and kissing until we both fell asleep. I didn't like being so close to Chris when I wasn't sure I liked him that way. "He's really fallen for you, but he's not sure you feel the same." I felt unnerved. I thought it might be Chris, so I didn't answer it. I pretended I was asleep until he finally got up and left.____________________________________ Chris returned to London and over the next couple of months I made no contact with him. About 50 people I knew had bought Coldplay's first EP, Safety, and Chris's straining vocals, singing of love and rejection, were everywhere.

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