Mom and son sex camera internet dating real life stories

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Mom and son sex camera

I could see down the front of her nightie, her nice sized breasts were hanging down braless & beautiful.I inhaled quickly, she heard me, looked at my eyes and stood up fast. "Mom does this mean I can take photographs of you anytime because we can delete them whenever you want?I am not sure if my mom suspected I wanted the camera to photograph her preferably naked, semi-nude or at least showing some skin.Unfortunately from the minute we opened our presents that Christmas morning, she grabbed Aunt Greta's annual sweater gift from under the tree, put it on and never seemed to wear anything but high necked clothes through May of the next year.I leaned over to pour most of a glass of wine into mom's empty glass. Usually mom was designated driver if she went out with her girl friends. Even though the divorce had been ugly(aren't they all), mom had built up a history of saying 'when we were young' which always referred to fond memories of her marriage to my father.

Little bit of cleavage was visible, nothing special.

"Mom, technology has moved fast since you & dad took photos" (I assumed).

"There is no film, no negatives, no one but you & I see these pictures.

"Honey, these photographs look great, can I have one? " At the time this seemed like a smart question, as I type it, not so much.

My pretty, great body, 42 year old mom is nowhere near an idiot, especially after catching son looking down night dress at magnificent boobs. You will never, ever take a photograph of me without my permission.

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"Honey I don't care what you call it, you are not taking a photograph of me without me saying okay, okay? "Okay mom, you're the boss, no photo without your okay, agreed." I thought about going upstairs to unplug my camera, to stop charging, when mom brought dinner to the table. Dinner tasted great, as did dessert and I told mom so. I switched the camera on and moved side to side snapping a couple of shots as mom starred at the camera lens. "Mom you photograph great, look at these shots." I kneeled beside her and flipped back through the shots on the camera's small screen.

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