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The issue of carbon monoxide poisoning was addressed by the programme in 2007.

The number of attendees was far in excess of anticipations - indeed, there were thousands - but it is claimed Helen Noble also left but agreed to return for four more episodes in 2005 and has claimed that the possibility of returning again remains open.

Hollyoaks began airing on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on 23 October 1995.

The target audience was that of teenagers and it initially dramatised the lives of seven of that age group who lived in Hollyoaks, a fictional suburb in the city of Chester in Cheshire, England.

The premise of the serial at its inception was to focus on seven teenagers living in the city of Chester, and in particular to deal with teenage rites of passage.

The first episode aired on 23 October 1995 and achieved an audience of three million in the UK.

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Originally broadcast as one episode per week, in 2011 it is being shown five times weekly.