Validating internet resources

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Validating internet resources

It uses open standards that were developed in the Secure Inter-Domain Routing (sidr) Working Group in the IETF.

A resource certificate offers validatable proof of holdership of a resource's allocation or assignment by an RIR.

The result is returned in JSON format and contains the following information: You can find detailed documentation on the RPKI Validator API page.

The RIPE NCC RPKI Validator is capable of communicating with RPKI-capable routers.

In addition, RPKI-capable routers can connect to the RPKI Validator on port 8282 to fetch the validated ROA dataset.

This toolset comes pre-loaded with the trust anchors – the entry points for the RPKI root certificates – from four RIRs: AFRINIC, APNIC, LACNIC and the RIPE NCC.

By adding an entry, the Validator will ignore any RPKI prefixes that overlap with the filter's prefix.

It will be as if a ROA never existed for this particular prefix.

By adding a white list entry, you can manually authorise an ASN to originate a prefix in addition to validated ROAs from the repository.

The exported data contains all validated ROAs after applying your filters and additional white list entries.

It can be used to integrate your current decision-making workflow.

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In addition, the application allows you to query a RESTful API.

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