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We suggest you find a sponsor to underwrite your entertainment costs.

Entertainment will be your best value as without them you must consider how many people will attend your event and support your cause.

A “ Green Room” at the venue where performers can lounge waiting for show time and where they can store their non-stage clothes & coat (please provide adequate security or a key).

Water on the stage is important for each performer (closed bottled water).

Microphones on a lectern are not acceptable; they only work for speakers who must use notes, not for entertainers.

Lighting is equally important so the audience can see the performer.

If they are flying then someone or arrangements must be made to get them from the airport to the hotel & venue and back to the airport.

We are constantly updating this document as clients express concerns and ask new questions. I found an act on your website that I want to book, what do I do next?

We provide bios, audio or video clips, references, photos and promotional materials if required. In addition, we’re a phone call away to happily answer your questions and make recommendations as well.

Corporate entertainment is suitable for corporate and association meetings, conferences and convention. If a corded mike, the longer the cord, the more the comic can work the stage area.

If cordless, make sure you put in a fresh battery that night since it will be on for the complete show it will drain quickly.

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Some buyers express a concern that by working with an agency means they will pay more for an act.