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He makes a deal to start a unit for cases that are either cold and/or can't be solved by normal procedures.

Oz left his job of paramedic and is now the owner of a restaurant, and Toby continues his relationship with Tia.Born on June 1, 1979 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Craig Olejnik is an actor best known for being the titular character on the CTV supernatural drama The Listener, a series about a young paramedic who has the ability to read people’s thoughts.The Listener was acquired by NBC for airing in the US.While assisting with an undercover case investigated by the Integrated Investigative Bureau (a special unit of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police). So alongside his paramedic work Toby joins Michelle and other members of the IIB to help solve some of their most difficult and high-profile cases ranging from suspicious homicides to cases of arms dealing.But the price to pay for having such a gift is the emotional and physical effects of delving into some of the most deranged criminal minds out there and it is his old flame Dr Olivia Fawcett who helps him deal with his problems.

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Klein finds out about his abilities after he demands to know why Michelle and Dev are so overprotective of Toby.

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