Accommodating students with dyslexia in all classroom settings

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Accommodating students with dyslexia in all classroom settings

These guidelines advocate for all students who struggle with dyslexia and treat them with empathy, respect, and understanding. The classroom accommodations take into account that students with dyslexia also have strengths—some experts even suggest dyslexics are gifted and have special talents—such as thinking outside of the box and being creative, artistic, and athletic. Position paper submitted June 20, 2015 to Ohio State Legislature entitled Research report in support of OH 146. Special Education Expert Eileen Bailey has come up with a lesson plan for kindergarteners, first graders, and second graders to deal with this issue, using what she calls “Letter Blend Bingo.”Using bingo charts and flashcards with words that use specific consonant blends, you as the teacher will read a word or show the picture of a word to the student(s), while they place a marker on the bingo board with the matching consonant blend.This process is repeated until the student(s) have matched up enough consonant blends to have “BINGO.”Dyslexics struggle with perceiving the sequence of letters in a word, which can lead them to see a “b” as a “d” or may have them rearrange a particular word (for instance, the word “read” may appear as “erad”).

Your students should rotate between these stations so that each student can find the method that teaches them spelling best.Such students often do markedly better when taking exams on a computer and using the spell-check function.When correcting a students’ spelling, punctuation, or misused words, don’t simply mark what is wrong, but help the student see the correct version.You can host a game day either with a classroom Scrabble tournament, or by utilizing modern technology, such as cell phones, that many students already have on them, and holding the tournament on the “These games are a fun activity that utilize students’ abilities to spell larger and more complex words in a healthily competitive environment, motivating them to put what they just learned into practice.Allowing specific accommodations gives all students a level “playing field,” and allows the student with disabilities an equal opportunity to prosper academically and contribute to society.

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One of the questions parents often ask is, “What can be done at school to better accommodate my child who has dyslexia?