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Posted by / 02-May-2017 07:05

With the introduction of our newest touch screen product, the Garmin Montana, comes a laundry list of new features and improvements to ensure that whatever you’re doing, Montana will be there to quickly and efficiently assist you.

In some cases, you may be able to opt out of some updates, such as maps.

Download the Garmin Express app for free from the Garmin website, selecting either the Windows or Mac version.

The Windows version works on computers with Windows 7 and higher; the Mac version is for OS 10.10 and higher.

Keep your Garmin GPS unit up to date through the company's Garmin Express application for Mac or Windows computers.

Connect your Garmin GPS unit to a Windows or Mac computer using the USB cable that came with the GPS device, or use any mini or micro USB cable that fits the device. Garmin makes GPS updates a lot easier to handle by offering one application to manage every type of portable automotive Garmin GPS unit.

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The latest software updates for ANT-equipped Garmin outdoor handhelds includes support tempe™, a wireless temperature sensor designed to provide the current temperature as well as the recent minimum and maximum temperatures over a 24 hour period. Garmin handhelds are known for their precision and ruggedness, and these qualities continue to push the boundaries of where they’re taken and what they’re used for.